Top Tier in code of Sports Governance for GBA

Tuesday, 19 Dec 2017


Get Berkshire Active are proud to announce that we have been assessed by Sport England as having fully met all of the requirements to be a Tier 3 (highest tier) organisation in respect of the UK code of Sports Governance. We are one of only two organisations nationally to have been so far assessed as fully compliant.

The code, led by Sport England and UK Sport, came into force on 1 April 2017. It marks the biggest step forward in sports governance history, transforming the British sport sector into the best-governed in the world.

The code sets out the standards expected of organisations that ask for funding from the Government or The National Lottery.

Standards that are required include:

  • Making sure that organisational Boards act as ultimate decision-makers
  • A commitment to greater diversity, including a target of 30% gender diveristy on Boards
  • Greater transparency.

If sports bodies are unable to show commitment to the code, they will not receive public money.

“The Code for Sports Governance is driving a revolution in the sports industry," says director of sport for port England, Phil Smith.

"Sports governing bodies are planning significant changes to the way they make decisions and account for their actions."

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Source: sport England