Change4Life- Train Like A Jedi

Monday, 2 Jul 2018

School Sport

Are you looking for something to do during the summer holidays? Are you a big fan of Star Wars? Well then get involved with the Train Like A Jedi Change 4 Life programme in association with Public Health England (PHE) and Disney UK and double Olympic Gold medalist Jade Jones for a chance to keep fit through learning the ways of the Jedi to defeat the dark side!

PHE have identified that only around 20% of boys and girls aged 5-15 perform 60 minutes of exercise each day. Furthermore, it has been found that StarWars in general is a significantly popular amongst UK children of the ages 7-11 and 82% of these children have mentioned seeing their favourite movie characters being active truly influences them to do the same. 

PHE and Disney UK have come up with this programme from research suggesting around only 20% of boys and girls ages 5-15 meet national exercise recommendations and there are a lot of children in the UK who are big supporters of StarWars and are hugely influenced from their favourite movie characters from the film being active. 

Therefore, with the support of double Olympic Gold medalist Jade Jones providing visual clips of Jedi inspired moves we hope all of you who are to be taking part will learn the ways of the Jedi to combat the dark side and of course may the force be with you! 

If this sounds fantastic and you want to be a part of this programme, contact Amanda Francis through her email which is We hope that many of you are now feeling inspired to learn the ways of the Jedi to combat against the dark side!

Source: Public Health England, Disney UK