Shaping the Future of Physical Activity and Sport

Wednesday, 19 Sep 2018


Get Berkshire Active are pleased to introduce the 4Global DataHubWorking with Datahub we are offering clubs and activity providers the unique chance to access market data and information to support your promotional activities. We can also provide analysis of your current activity against market data and recommend how you can grow your reach to new customers FREE of CHARGE!  


4Global are a Sports Intelligence Consultancy Service who provide intelligence to help shape the future of Physical Activity and Sport through tools like the Datahub DataHub  aim to get the nation more active and healthier by sharing LIVE  participation data.  Sign up to the system to receive crucial market insight to support your strategic decision making DataHub is an award-winning toolcreating the largest pool of sport and physical activity data in the UK, with approximately 500 million insights from over 7 million people


Click here for a visual overview of the 4Global DataHub:


How  will it assist you?

If you run programmes, DataHub  provide insight to enhance your marketing strategy including: 

  • Who is and is not participating in sessions 

  • Understanding local market characteristics 

  • Targeting gaps such as the latent demand 

  • Conversion rates in the market – comparison to your programmes 

  • Identifying highly deprived and inactive areas 

  • Calculating the Social Value of your sessions  


Why Join?

If you join the DataHub Club, it will benefit you from:  

  • Using social value calculations to assess the financial and non-financial impact of programmes to make your case to funders. 

  • Assess participant numbers across programmes, measuring the level of physical activity in particular areas 

  • Access to MOSIAC consumer analysis tool to display local market characteristicsThis supports the marketing strategy.  


 How can I get involved?

  1. Follow the  below steps: Talk to us 

  1. We’ll help you get set up 

  1. Sign a DUA.  

  1. Good to go! 


Info/sign up: contact 



Source: Get Berkshire Active