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About School Games

The mission of the Berkshire School Games

'To inspire and enthuse young people in Berkshire through the power of sport and the Olympic and Paralympic Games'


To deliver a sustainable educational, sporting and community 2012 legacy across Berkshire.

The Local Organising Committee is committed to ensuring that the benefits of the School Games reach far beyond the competition and event days. The sporting events will be focal points for the development work that will take place in schools, clubs and other community settings. The focus will be on developing the skills, confidence and commitment of children and young people through the medium of sport and other areas related to sport and to the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The key outcomes for the School Games in Berkshire

- Children and young people experience a county-level Olympic-style event and the pride of representing their school and their area

- Children and young people learn through the Values of the Olympic and Paralympic Games and have opportunities for education, personal development and growth

- Children and young people with disabilities are fully included in the School Games events and have opportunities to play and lead sport in school and the wider community

- More children and young people make the transition from school sport to sport in community settings, encouraging lifelong participation in sport and a healthy lifestyle

- More young people engage in cultural activities including music, arts and dance both in school and community settings

- A new workforce of future leaders is developed, with young people accessing training and accreditation in sports leadership, coaching and sports-related activities such as journalism, commentating and managing statistics

- New adult volunteers are recruited and involved in delivering the School Games and provide a legacy of involvement inspired by the Olympic and Paralympic Games

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