Kirsty Health, Healthy Communities Manager:

We have been administering this grant giving programme, on behalf of the Sports Council Trust Company, for a number of months now. Following an application window we assess and select projects offering new physical activity opportunities to the most deprived communities in Berkshire.

Ordinarily this is a very straight forward approach and one we have followed (albeit using different funding streams) for a number of years. Pre lockdown a number of the awarded projects had launched, or were soon to be. However, a number of these are now on hold or are seeking new ways to meet their desired outcomes.

Due to the nature of some of the target audiences (who might be shielding or are experiencing increased anxiety), or the chosen location for delivery (which may be currently closed or open with restrictions in place), it has made any kind of relaunch, even with modifications, very challenging. We continue to regularly communicate with the funded partners to gain updates and explore any possible alternatives for delivery.

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