Active Lives Children and Young People Survey

Sport England's Active Lives Children and Young People survey measures physical activity levels of children aged 5-16 in England. The most recent survey covered the 2018/19 academic year and questioned over 132,000 children and young people and nearly 5,000 parents.

As with the adult survey, this allows us to see how active children in Berkshire are compared to the rest of the country and how they change each year. It breaks activity levels down into three categories; active (an average of at least 60 minutes a day), fairly active (an average of 30-59 minutes a day) and less active (less than an average of 30 minutes a day).

Headline results:

- Almost half of children in England now take part in an average of 60 minutes of physical activity a day – up 3.6% from last year.
- 3.3 million children are now meeting the new recommended Chief Medical Officer Guidelines - 279,600 more children than last year.
- The rise is driven by more children getting active outside of school – 57.2% of children and young people do an average of 30 minutes or more a day outside of school, compared to 40.4% at school.
- Significant inequalities remain in the areas of family affluence, gender and race

In England, 46.8% of children are considered active but in Berkshire the rate is slightly lower at 45.2%. However,there are variations across the county; Windsor and Maidenhead has the highest activity levels at 54.4% and Reading has the lowest at 40.2%. The less active rate for England is 29% with Berkshire being a little higher at 30.4%. Wokingham has the highest rate of less active children and Windsor and Maidenhead has the lowest.

The survey also looked at physical activity levels inside and outside of school. In Berkshire outside of school, 55.3% of children are doing an average of 30 minutes or more per day, compared to 57.2% in England. The rate for Windsor and Maidenhead is much higher at 67.9%. Inside of school, 40.4% of children in England are doing an average of 30 minutes or more per day. In Berkshire the rate is just under this at 39.6%; Windsor and Maidenhead tops the list again here with 49.7% falling into this category, 46.6% in West Berkshire and 45.1% in Slough.

The infographic above also highlights some demographic differences. Adult physical activity habits often develop in childhood, which is why it is vital that more children get more active in Berkshire and Get Berkshire Active is working towards increase physical activity levels for children across Berkshire. For more information on the survey and for full results please visit Sport England's website to find out about the child and adult surveys.

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