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Tai Ji Quan & Qi Gung

Address: Eagle Claw Kung Fu School UK
1st Floor 78 Portlock Road

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Sophie Marie Glover

Tai Ji Quan & Qi Gung

The Internal Martial arts program at the Eagle Claw Kung Fu School offers students a comprehensive structured training program in the Internal Martial Arts of China. Tai Ji Quan is first and foremost a martial art system, that has great health benefits gained as part of its practice. However, many people view Tai Ji Quan simply as moving meditation or soft exercises. If we only practice one small element of Tai Ji how can we reap the full benefits of complete or whole practice.

Our Class structure follows a group warm up session, of Qi Gung. Methods for the practice of relaxation, loosening the muscles and increasing joint range of motion and calming/focussing the mind.

From there students are taught Yang Style 24 step Tai Ji Quan, progressing onto Chen Family Pao Chui or Chen family Cannon boxing. Applications- Single Tui Shou and Double Tui Shou Pushing hands exercises are also taught.

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