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In Berkshire, we recognise that our staff, partners, coaches, community activators, clubs and volunteers are our greatest asset. By building, supporting and developing our workforce family, we offer better access to sport and physical activity. Therefore, increasing participation.

Get Berkshire Active want to be the leading agent for change in the makeup of workforce; ensuring it is fit for purpose, diverse, resilience and robust so it meets the needs of our counties residence.

Get Berkshire Active are committed to; making it easier for people from a wider range of backgrounds become part of our workforce family, develop a learning culture focused on ongoing improvement and the development of knowledge and support people to become better equipped to provide experiences based on the needs and goals of the individual being coached or motivated to become more active

There are many ways you can get involved in physical activity in Berkshire from volunteering to building up your workforce and leading your local area and residents to become more active

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