Building Family Bridges

What is Building Family Bridges?

Building Family Bridges has the family at the centre. It is about changing the way families are supported towards a holistic and empowering model which recognises the complexities of family situations and does not impose a predetermined pathway or long-term goals for participants.

How It Helps

By providing consistent support and constructive challenge through Family Support Workers, the Building Family Bridges (BFB) project will enable project participants to identify their own long term goals and ensure they are able to access appropriate existing services to unblock the barriers to achieving those goals. Where gaps have been identified in services, BFB project partners have designed appropriate activities to fill these gaps.

How We'll Do It

BFB recognises that participants are members of a family, as well as individuals. It is therefore essential to look at the needs of all family members, recognising the impacts that individuals within the family have on each other, both positive and negative. It is important to encourage the positive impacts and help families find ways to minimise or eliminate the negative impacts. BFB therefore takes a whole family approach and includes initial engagement activities for all the family, hosted by GBA, providing opportunities for positive experiences.

The Building Family Bridges Project is designed to improve the prospects of families with complex needs in Berkshire by addressing barriers that prevent them from entering and sustaining employment. The Workers' Educational Association (WEA) leads a strong partnership of experienced organisations to deliver the project into the heart of communities. The project is part-funded by the Big Lottery Community Fund and the European Social Fund.

What People Say About Building Family Bridges Sessions

Family Activity Day in Slough, 07 August 2019:

'We really enjoyed yesterday, I also participated in the activities. My daughter was scared at first but at the end she didn't want to stop! I was very happy she managed to do it'

Who else is involved?

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