Change Talk: Creating Positive Conversations for Physical Activity

This project is funded by the European Social Fund and The National Lottery Community Fund

Welcome to this support page for those of you who have undertaken our training courses supporting people to have positive conversations about physical activity. On this page you can download the training manual, access further reading, see a range of helpful videos and access other support and resources to help support your practice in Motivational Interviewing and Behaviour Change.

Here are a variety of useful articles and support resources.

Below you can access a series of helpful training and support videos for MI and Behaviour Change

Spirit & Principles of MI

MI Overview

MI Demonstration

Here is a great practice exercise for you to try. Look for signs of the spirit and a variety of different skills and techniques. Note down when you recognize incidents of when: the spirit of MI is displayed; when he uses the 4 key principles and when you notice the key skills and techniques. How many different things did you note? Less than 10? Try reading the first couple of chapters of the training manual and then re-run the video. 11-15? Play the video again and see what else you notice. More than 15? Well done. Can you think of anything extra you might have said or done? Now take a look at our crib sheet and watch the video with it to confirm.

Stages of Change

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Approach & Techniques of Motivational Interviewing

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Setting Goals and Creating a Change Plan

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Below you can download some support material to help in your sessions

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