Rising Coach achieved dream through Coaching Bursary

I have had the honour of representing England Handball, travelling in kit, promoting handball on a national level and presenting a good image in female sport.

I first got involved in coaching when Get Berkshire Active, contacted me by email inviting me to partake in a Level 1 coaching Handball coaching course.

I applied for a bursary to fund my Level One course through the Project 500 campaign. I was successful in getting the bursary which I was very grateful for as it definitely helped financially. Being a student, only volunteering inconsistently and with handball not being a main stream sport, I wasn't sure I wanted to make that step. But with the support of a bursary, the prospect of opportunities and the love for sport, I decided it was a great idea

I then completed the Level 1 course, which gave me an insight into the basic skills of coaching. Through the Project 500 campaign, I was mentored by Louise Elstone who has extensive experience in the Sports and Leisure industry and Coaching; she really helped me with planning and marketing my sessions.

Since I have gained my Level 1 qualification I have had the opportunity to be Head Coach of a growing Friday afterschool club, it was a really good experience and a great way to start out coaching. With the exposure, I have been able to make an impact on my community by delivering taster sessions, helping out in schools, refereeing school tournaments, promoting handball, and in the setting up of the Satellite Club at Garth Hill College.

I have found accessing local opportunities relatively easy as I keep in contact regularly with members of Get Berkshire Active and teachers at Garth Hill College. I am always receiving emails about new opportunities and training I can participate in which is great because I am always looking to learn.

The workshops and events I have been lucky enough to participate in have really developed me as a coach, they have contributed to increasing my skills and knowledge.
I have decided that I now want to progress onto my Level 2 and take my coaching skills to university. I am going to continue to coach at the Garth Hill Club.

I am very grateful for all the support and information I have received in perusing my coaching, and am really enjoying everything so far.

To get involved in any of the programmes mentioned in this article contact GBA via info@getberkshireactive.org

Source: Becca Howard

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