Our face-to-face and online courses offer participants the opportunity to learn more about the game and how to deliver safe sessions, whilst also developing knowledge of the rules. Our new Introduction to School Dodgeball Online Course is perfect for those working in school environments (primary teachers, secondary PE teachers, school sport coaches, and school PE subject coordinators). It will introduce the correct rules, equipment and sporting code used in dodgeball as well as educating on how to lead safe sessions and coach the basic skills of the sport. The school specific course pages to help you adapt dodgeball for PE lessons, encouraging effective planning and teaching.

Our Primary School and Secondary School lesson plans provide a comprehensive scheme of work with instructional videos and printable resources to enhance delivery. Designed by PE experts, these lesson plans assist in the creation of a broad and balanced dodgeball PE offer. Dodgeball offers pupils with the chance to not only develop their physical literacy but also develop problem-solving and tactical awareness.

Our online School Monthly Dodgeball Challenge can provide schools with simple challenges to incorporate into their lessons or school days, pupils can still engage with dodgeball when there may be a lack of physical competition. With a new challenge each month, all pupils have the opportunity to excel and compete to win their school exciting prizes.

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