Unemployment is a constant economic and social issue both nationally and locally and the associated health results have led many local organisations to develop interventions to improve the outlook for those out of work.

Sport & Physical activity can develop many of the 'soft skills' associated with employability as well as develop self-confidence and a healthier body and mind which can all be linked to moving people closer to work.

Facts and Figures

With the mean UK unemployment rate being 4% [Office of National statistics, Sept 2018] in some Slough and Reading areas these statistics are 3.9% and 4.1% respectively [http://www.nomisweb.co.uk/] with a high rate of economically inactive people (20.8% and 21.3% in Slough and Reading against the 21.2% nationally).

GBA works in East Berkshire to reduce barriers to employment using physical activity.

Building Family Bridges

Building Family Bridges is a collaborative project aimed at improving the prospects of families by addressing barriers that prevent them from entering or sustaining employment.

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