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We will work together as a network, along with our partners, communities, staff and board to improve our knowledge and understanding of the causes, incidents and impact of women's safety in sport and physical activity, building a long-term commitment and identifying priorities for action to make a sustained and meaningful difference. Whilst we are a small charity, we recognise the reach and influence we can have through the different systems operating in the sport and physical activity space.

GBA will engage with this issue as an on-going commitment. We want women to feel safe and welcomed in any setting they might use to be active in and we want to include male counterparts in on this journey, educating them and utilising them as allies. In a practical sense we will ensure we advocate around the issue of women's safety whenever we can. We will look at our own programmes and those of the partners we fund and work with to ensure the question of women's safety has been raised and considered.

We are creating this space on our website to act as a focal point and resource hub for GBA and our partners. We welcome your support and are always open to ideas and best practice.

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