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London Hearts Defibrillator Grants & Funding

London Hearts can provide Charity Grant Funding towards the cost of a defibrillator and storage as well as a FREE online training video.

About London Hearts Defibrillator Grants & Funding

London Hearts is the leading heart defibrillator charity in the UK, aiming to help and support communities with the provision of life saving heart defibrillators and to teach CPR/Defibrillator skills.

There are more than 30,000 out of hospital cardiac arrests across the UK every year but less than one in ten people survive. With the effective and speedy delivery of treatment, survival can be raised to 70 percent, but this requires CPR (chest compressions) and also use of a defibrillator.

By making more defibrillators accessible, and the more people trained in how to use them, the better the chance of survival for a cardiac arrest victim. London Hearts seek to make this lifesaving piece of equipment more affordable to communities and organisations across the country by providing charity grant funding.

London Hearts provides a FREE online defibrillator awareness training session with every heart defibrillator we supply. We understand that it may seem daunting to have to use a defibrillator but our aim is to reassure you that anyone can step in and potentially save a life.

London Hearts can provide charity grant funding towards the cost of each defibrillator package. For more information on costings please get in touch.

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