The GBA Awards Categories and Criteria

Nominate your "Berkshire physical activity lockdown heroes"

Open until 15th December 2020

This year we are awarding those who have had a positive impact in Berkshire during the Covid-19 pandemic which could be an individual, a club/organisation or a school that is based in or benefits the residents of Berkshire.

The criteria for this award are broad due to the wide range of ways we anticipate that people will have had an effect upon others physical activity this year.

The nomination can be for any sized organisation, charity, club, community group, school or an individual that has impacted any number of people in a positive manner.

The 9th GBA Awards covers the period from March 2020 (start of lockdown) to end of November 2020.

During part or all of this period we are looking for Berkshire heroes (individuals aged 11+, clubs, projects, schools or other organisations) who have gone above and beyond to support people to be physically active.

The criteria for this award are:

  • During the period from March 2020 (start of lockdown) to end of November 2020, they have delivered sport, physical activity or wellbeing sessions in an innovative way to their normal operating methods;
  • Examples can be provided of how the nominee has conducted themselves during this period, who their work has benefitted and in what ways;
  • The nominee should have gone above and beyond their normal role within sport, physical activity or wellbeing and made recognisable differences to others to deliver, inspire or motivate others during the restrictions to be active and/or promote health and wellbeing;
  • They have provided support/delivered to those in greatest need/hardest to reach, widening access to sport and physical activity;
  • The nomination may be for an individual project, one off event, programme or series of workshops or sessions or a campaign/initiative. It can be through any means (eg online videos, phone, live sessions on zoom, practical sessions, anything offline or physical materials/documents);
  • They should have targeted physiological health, mental wellbeing, health management or any of the wider outcomes supported by physical activity and sport. Nominations should clearly define and describe the impact they have had in terms of improvements to health and wellbeing;
  • Nominations should include details on who has benefitted (number of people, age, specific locations worked in and any other relevant demographic details).

Nominations open until 15th December 2020

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