GBA COVID-19 Tackling Inequalities Fund


Sport England will be providing Get Berkshire Active (GBA) with extra funding to support and distribute to community organisations who support the following vulnerable groups to be active:

  • Lower socio-economic groups
  • People with long term conditions
  • People with disabilities
  • BAME communities

This fund is designed to deal with 'here and now' issues that our sector organisations are facing as a result of the impact of COVID-19. It is about supporting organisations in the community now so that they have a future to plan for. We would expect the funding to be supporting community groups with immediate effect.

Aim & Objectives

GBA has identified the following key aim of this fund:
To ensure that physical activity opportunities are sustained, developed and delivered to the most vulnerable and most excluded communities and individuals in Berkshire thereby reducing the negative impact of COVID-19 and the widening of the inequalities in sport and physical activity.


  1. To identify those organisations who work with, or could work with, the above demographic groups, encouraging them to be more active
  2. To support these organisations to survive the immediate weeks/months financially and/or to provide physical activity interventions and programmes
  3. To drive innovation in terms of physical activity interventions suitable for the COVID-19 and post Covid-19 environment that are specific to the needs, aspirations and capabilities of the above demographic groups
  4. To build/develop long-term sustainable outcomes for these groups

Strategic Partners

GBA is looking to work with strategic partners on this project who may be able to help us with some of the following:

  • Expert insight into the vulnerable groups listed.
  • Links and introductions to organisations who work with these 'user groups'.
  • Support, input or be a part of our funding decision making process.
  • Provide some support, advice, guidance to the end organisations that we plan to work with and fund.
  • Potentially provide some matched funding, where appropriate and available to enhance the reach of the overall emergency fund.

Use of this funding

The types of activity that might be funded could include:​

  • ​Hardship through funding support​
  • Funding for community groups to find new ways of keeping our target audience active in this period​
  • Offering advice and training support​
  • Increasing resilience, capacity and capability of delivery bodies.

There are certain items that are not eligible for lottery funding as follows:

  • Activities or costs which are already covered by other government funding including rates
  • Capital works
  • Activities promoting religious or political beliefs
  • Where there is personal benefit to an individual
  • Any private business or profit making organisations unless they are a Social Enterprise or Community Interest Company
  • Sole Traders/ Partnerships and freelancers
  • Loss of Sponsorship or loan repayments.
  • Replacement of equipment (its broken, tired, torn etc).
  • Contingency costs and VAT organisations are seeking to recover.


Projects must:

  1. Engage ultimate beneficiaries in one (or more) of these 4 categories:
    • Lower Socio Economic Groups (LSEG)​
    • Disabled people​
    • Those with long-term conditions​
    • BAME Communities​
  2. Show how the funding will either help the club/community body to survive through the next 6 months and/or support their participants to remain active in the COVID-19 lockdown and early recovery stages over the next 6 months​
  3. Demonstrate a clear financial need for the funding sought​
  4. Demonstrate the existing relationship the club/group have with the target audience and the extent of its reach into the target community​
  5. Not be a duplicate application for funding already received from the Sport England Community Emergency Fund. (N.B additional funding is acceptable if a further financial need is evident) ​
  6. Be eligible to receive Sport England Lottery Funding (see eligibility).

In any submission to Sport England (the body assessing TIF applications) we are required to demonstrate the following;

a. Will this investment impact upon at least one of the four priority audiences?
b. Is there a real 'here and now' requirement to support this audience (now to October)?
c. Has the requirement arisen as a direct result of this community group or audience being adversely affected as a result of COVID-19?
d. Will this investment help a community group that focusses on one of our four priority audiences that needs funding to continue to survive and/or connect to one or more of our priority audiences at this time to keep them active?
e. Is there a clear 'line of sight' from this investment to physical activity taking place either now or in the immediate future?



  • Projects must be aimed at the key target audience​
  • Organisations must have a constitution in place*​
  • Charities, Social enterprise​s or similar are eligible to apply

* Organisations without a constitution may explore if/how another organisation could receive any funding on their behalf or GBA (or partners) can support them to write a constitution.

Please note: Organisations will be expected to provide a series of documents and information as part of our due diligence checks before an application for funding can be made. Documents and information requested will include;

  • Charity number/Companies House number
  • Copy of constitution/governing documents
  • Copy of 3 recent bank statements
  • Copy of audited annual account
  • Safeguarding policies


  • Projects promoting Religion or Politics​
  • Private Business/ Sole Traders​
  • Public Bodies​
  • Football*

* Football is on the ineligible list due to the work going on at a national level to understand the needs of this sport in this period. If you think Football is likely to feature as part of your project idea please get in touch with us at the earliest opportunity.

Not just funding

We recognise that not all community groups and clubs who do or could support or work in this area need funding (or are eligible to receive it).

They may however need or welcome non financial support such as:

  • Guidance and advice (legal, technical, HR etc)
  • Safeguarding
  • Training

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