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We all know that having highly capable, effective teams that communicate well with each other, who are great at collaborating to solve problems and have effective leadership are key to securing the future success of your organisation. Developing these skills and capabilities ensures your organisation can respond and flex to an ever changing world.

To help you achieve success, you need the right support to develop your most important asset: your people. GBA can help you develop the personal capabilities of your teams through the unique benefits of MTC training.

Get Berkshire Active's qualified trainers design and deliver a challenging, interactive and bespoke Mobile Team Challenge programme. We work with you to create sessions that respond to your business development needs to:

  • Improve team collaboration;
  • Create Emotionally Intelligent High Performing Individuals, Leaders, Teams and Organisations;
  • Prepare the team for Organisational Change and Flexibility;
  • Develop Emotional Intelligence;
  • Improve Communication and Sales Skills;
  • Coaching and Mentoring for Success;
  • Create a Culture of Innovation;
  • Develop problem solvers.

Get Berkshire Active have delivered MTC training to over 10 organisations across Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire, to young people, public sector organisations, young offenders, charities.

"It was the best bit of training we've ever had" - Lucy Bowman, Department for Work and Pension

"It really was a great experience and most definitely learnt some very useful techniques from the team building exercises." - Ways Into Work, Employment Coach

"The session was interactive and fun, as well as being thought provoking. It was a really good way to start the day and it definitely had a positive effect on everyone's mood for the rest of the meeting!" - WEA , Building Family Bridges Project Coordinator

GBA Trustee Meeting, Oct'19

Mobile Team Challenge is an active learning style that provides:

  • Evaluated team performance before and after sessions
  • Team / Personal Impact Report
  • Builds winning Behaviours and attitudes
  • Improved mental health, stress reduction and resilience
  • Enhanced Respect, Trust, Leadership, Self Awareness, Empathy, Self Confidence and
  • Self Belief, Reduced Conflict

Training can be delivered at your offices, a site of your choosing or at Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre and Get Berkshire Active's home.

Team building sessions can be delivered as standalone interventions or as part of a wider development programme including Strength Deployment Inventory Tool and Leadership Workshop.

Sessions can form part of an on-going programme and can be tailored towards senior, middle or junior teams or across the whole organisation.

Get Berkshire Active are a local charity, who invest your fee back into local disadvantaged communities to support physical activity and sport for all.

Contact Brett Nicholls to learn more about Mobile Team Challenge.

Brett Nicholls

Brett Nicholls


Brett is the Chief Executive Officer at Get Berkshire Active and is responsible for the strategic and operational direction of the organisation. Before joining the RAF in 1987 as a Physical Education Officer, he completed a BEd (Hons) Degree in Physical Education, and whilst in the RAF completed an MSc at Loughborough and an MPhil at Birmingham. He retired as a Wing Commander in 2013 and joined GBA. Having always had a passion for physical activity, fitness and sport, he formerly took on the position of Chief Instructor in the RAF School of Physical Education. He also has a special interest in the psychology of Behaviour Change and Motivational Interviewing. Outside of work, he enjoys all things active, including walking his two rescue dogs.

07912 178654

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