What is Glow Sports?

GlowSports is one of the UK's leading brands in glow in the dark sport, and Get Berkshire Active have teamed up with them.

The way we play sport is changing. The social elements of fun and being active now outweigh the competitive element for many. Although a bit of competition is always fun, GlowSports offers a more social, engaging and varied offer. Glowsports makes being active a party.

Get Berkshire Active is a licensed partner to GlowSports, which means that they have exclusivity in providing GlowSports services in Reading, Slough and West Berkshire.

Want to know Glow Sport's offer?

We recommend the use of GlowSports in Schools, Colleges and Universities. The product is also suitable for stag do's, hen do's, children's parties, promotional or fundraising events. Current sports that are on offer include:

- Tennis

- Table Tennis

- Volleyball

- Dodgeball

- Badminton

- Squash

- Basketball

- Netball

Top tips for getting the most out of our GlowSports package:

'Use in a location that can be completely blacked out'

'Encourage participants to wear white, reflective or glowing materials'

'Have multiple games set up at the same time to get the most out of your session. For example, station 1 - badminton, station 2 - table tennis, station 3 - tennis'

'Ask learners to create new GlowSports games to encourage creativity'

(If running a project at a College) 'To encourage learners who are inactive, identify curriculum areas that tend to be less active and liaise with tutors/lecturers to set up a weekly sessions as a reward for hard work'

Want to book a GlowSport session?

For further information please contact call 01628 472851.

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