Kingsmead Sailing Club's promotion through Get Berkshire Active Week

Get Berkshire Active Week - Kingsmead Sailing Club

How successful was the week for you?

Kingsmead Sailing Club ran an Open Day on 16th May and Tasters for 2 hours on 17th, 20th, 23rd, 24th May
At the Open Day, we had 52 guests who sailed; at least 10 had a second go. There were about 10 more shore-based guests as well. An additional 12 adults and 4 children came along for the sailing tasters during the week. Others were given slots in June where we couldn't accommodate them during GBA week.

What did you differently from last year?

After getting 6 new people last year, we realised we need to tap into GBA's promotions more using there posters and press releases. We also changed how we ran the sessions, having them on different days, more promotion especially using our college affiliation with Royal Holloway, and changed our messaging to show how energetic sailing can be.

Last year out of the 6 that came 4 of them signed up to memberships, do they still come?

Yes – all of them have remained with the club and sailing regularly.

Source: Kingsmead Sailing Club

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