Move With Us Berkshire Ila Gangotra Interview

A truly inspirational person, Ila Gangotra, We Are Undefeatable campaign ambassador, shares her experience of physical activity during the pandemic and reveals how she adapted to the new situation and stayed active!

What activities did you do before the pandemic if any?

Before the pandemic I would walk 3-4 miles every day, do Zumba and inclusive dance classes and use the stairs instead of a lift when I was out and about.

What activities are you doing now since the pandemic outbreak?

I do an hour of aerobic and weight-bearing exercise each day using cans of food as weights, I'm doing my daughter's virtual Zumba class (@zumbawithanisha) and I've been part of the We Are Undefeatable virtual dance team. I've also spent more time gardening and doing my walking around the garden.

What have you learned about physical activity during the lockdown?

I realised that I would need to adapt the activities that I enjoyed pre-pandemic to be able to stay physically and mentally well. Being active gives me the feel-good factor and I noticed a difference in my mood on the days I was unable to exercise. I started to do my walking around the garden during lockdown so I could get my steps in and the Zumba classes moved online so I could still dance but also keep the social interaction seeing people each week. I've enjoyed being able to continue dancing with my daughters although the three of us now squeeze into the living room to dance!

Describe how physical makes you feel in 3 words.

Happy, confident and positive!

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