'Move With Us' Rachel's story

I've always considered myself an active person but over the last few years I haven't done anything to really push myself physically.

I struggled at the start of lockdown with feeling like I was not achieving anything in 2020 and not doing much with my free time so one Saturday morning in April I decided to download the Couch to 5k app and got started on my first run!

The app is great as it eases you into it really gently with very short runs gradually building up. I told a friend what I was doing and she asked if I'd like to train for a 10k instead so a new target was set! Although my friend lives a couple of hours away so we couldn't run together, we did our three weekly runs on the same days and updated each other on our progress after each one.

I've never done a challenge like this or exercised with anyone else but it was great to work towards a goal with someone there to virtually support and encourage me.


I've surprised myself with how dedicated I've been to reaching the 10k goal; working towards something has kept me motivated and although I don't always enjoy the running, I enjoy the sense of accomplishment afterwards.

A minor knee injury set me back a little bit so I'm not there yet but I'm determined to finish the challenge; I already feel like I've achieved something this year and plan to continue running

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