Pregnancy and Postnatal

Get Berkshire Active are committed to offering support and providing guidance to new Mums and those working with pregnant and postnatal women. Becoming a new parent can be a wonderful, but often challenging time, with mental and physical health taking a dip. Getting active has a huge benefit on overall wellbeing, including a reduction in depression, a boost in mental wellness, the potential for less complications during pregnancy and the ability to bounce back quicker after birth.

See below some information on the ways we're tackling this and helpful resources to aid in furthering the conversation. We are always keen to forge new partnerships in the maternity space and searching for new ways to support this objective, so please get in touch if you have ideas or questions:

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Cathy Carr

Cathy Carr

Strategic Lead for Living Life Well

Cathy is the Strategic Lead for Living Well at Get Berkshire Active. She takes a strategic lead on our work supporting adults to lead independent and fulfilled lives, develops new and existing partnerships with a wide range of stakeholders, as well as leading on various projects, including Mums' Zone and Active Medicine in Practice and more. Having undertaken a Degree in Business and Sport at University, she was keen to work in sports development and has taken om many roles across a wide variety of organisations, including Reading University, Tottenham Hotspur Foundation and London Sport. She also joined the National Body of Swimming for 2 years and spent time in Singapore teaching. Having seen the huge benefits being active has brought to her family's life, especially mental wellbeing, she is passionate about helping others to reap the benefits. In her spare time she enjoys yoga, walking and running, as well as spending time outdoors with her children.

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