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Mums' Zone is a holistic health and wellbeing intervention targeting pregnant and new mums at risk of poor mental health. It aims to improve mental health and wellbeing by offering an intervention of physical activity and health and wellbeing support, messaging and signposting.

A lot of research has been done highlighting the positive impacts of physical activity on mental health and studies have shown that women who seek help for perinatal and postnatal mental health issues have better outcomes for themselves and their child.

The first Mums' Zone intervention took place in Slough between September 2019-March 2020 and then a virtual programme continued in lockdown. A new free Mums' Zone virtual programme started in April 2021 for pregnant women and new mums.

To find out more please get in touch with Cathy Carr.

Being a new parent can be a challenging time, and the most common health problem after someone has had a baby is a mental health problem, most often depression. Add to this the fact that the most likely time in anyone's life for having a severe mental health problem is the first few weeks after birth, and you can see why the emotional wellbeing of new mums is so vital. Research has shown that the effects of the mother's mental health both while pregnant and after birth, on their children's mental health can have an impact years into the future. With a strong link between maternal mental health and children's mental health, Mums' Zone provides a service to support mums with non-walkers. (Source NHS)

By taking a collaborative approach with key partners such as Frimley Integrated Health Service and Home-Start Slough, we can offer a diverse programme of support for pregnant women and new mums.

Contact Cathy Carr ( for more information.

What Mums said about the first Mums' Zone programme in Slough

"I love this"

"The £2 price point is great, even £5 is just not achievable."

"It's nice to go to a group with my baby but the focus is on me and my wellbeing"

For more information contact:

Cathy Carr –

Cathy Carr

Cathy Carr

Healthy Communities Manager (Berkshire East)

07912 178652

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