Mums' Zone is a holistic health and wellbeing programme for pregnant women and new mums. It aims to improve mental health and wellbeing by offering an weekly programme of physical activity and health and wellbeing support, messaging and signposting.

A lot of research has been done highlighting the positive impacts of physical activity on mental health and studies have shown that women who seek help for perinatal and postnatal mental health issues have better outcomes for themselves and their child.

The first Mums' Zone intervention took place in Slough and Wokingham back in September 2019-March 2020 and then a virtual programme continued in lockdown. We now have a face-to-face programme on offer across various venues. See details below for the classes.

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We are always keen to forge new partnerships in the maternity space so get in touch if you have ideas or questions. We are also looking to build on our pre and post-natal qualified exercise instructors so please get in touch if you are qualified and interested to find out more.

What Mums said about the first Mums' Zone programme in Slough

"I recommend all mums come and give it a go and see for yourself. Such a good opportunity!"

"It's nice to go to a group with my baby but the focus is on me and my wellbeing"

"The provision of classes over Zoom has had a huge effect on my exercise levels. I am rubbish at doing things on my own and Zoom enabled me from the comfort of my home to say hi to people and do a class in lockdown which was amazing. Fantastic is the best way to describe it. It has made a massive difference to my days in lockdown and given me a real purpose and motivation. I have improved my physical movement and core fitness from doing more exercise and want to carry this on."

"I have been amazed to find fitness sessions at the cafe mama group. I felt good just after a few sessions because I was stuck with my home chores and taking care of my family. Now I can see myself improving in my health and lifestyle. The instructor makes me feel so comfortable with her smiling face showing all steps clearly. I really enjoy the classes. Hoping to continue and loving the group as we are treated as a family."

"I am thoroughly enjoying Michelle's class. Michelle is fantastic and attentive to what I need to work on regarding my aches and pains. Thank you Michelle"

"The exercise class at Cafe Mama are great. It is good to stretch out my muscles. My little one could play in a safe environment while I got to exercise".

"Natasha is a really good instructor, she has lots of experience. I have attended her classes in the past (prenatal, postnatal and general exercise) and now she is at Cafe mama doing exercise classes for free!! She is very good at explaining the moves and will adapt exercises for you if you have any issue, like joint pain or ab separation".

  • 20200901 Mums Zone Evaluation Report v1.0 010920 20200901 Mums Zone Evaluation Report v1.0 010920 (PDF, 443 Kb)

    The following report was carried out by Canterbury Christ Church University Perinatal Physical Activity Research Group who undertook an independent evaluation of the intervention. The results were hugely encouraging highlighting the benefits physical activity can have on mental health as well as sleep and other health factors.

Being a new parent can be a challenging time, and the most common health problem after someone has had a baby is a mental health problem, most often depression. Add to this the fact that the most likely time in anyone's life for having a severe mental health problem is the first few weeks after birth, and you can see why the emotional wellbeing of new mums is so vital. Research has shown that the effects of the mother's mental health both while pregnant and after birth, on their children's mental health can have an impact years into the future. With a strong link between maternal mental health and children's mental health, Mums' Zone provides a service to support mums with non-walkers. (Source NHS)

By taking a collaborative approach with key partners such as Frimley Integrated Health Service, we can offer a diverse programme of support for pregnant women and new mums.

Contact Cathy Carr ( for more information.

For more information contact:

Cathy Carr –

Cathy Carr

Cathy Carr

Strategic Lead for Living Life Well

Cathy is the Strategic Lead for Living Well at Get Berkshire Active. She takes a strategic lead on our work supporting adults to lead independent and fulfilled lives, develops new and existing partnerships with a wide range of stakeholders, as well as leading on various projects, including Mums' Zone and Active Medicine in Practice and more. Having undertaken a Degree in Business and Sport at University, she was keen to work in sports development and has taken om many roles across a wide variety of organisations, including Reading University, Tottenham Hotspur Foundation and London Sport. She also joined the National Body of Swimming for 2 years and spent time in Singapore teaching. Having seen the huge benefits being active has brought to her family's life, especially mental wellbeing, she is passionate about helping others to reap the benefits. In her spare time she enjoys yoga, walking and running, as well as spending time outdoors with her children.

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