EventNew Age Kurling
Date9 July
VenueBraywick Leisure Centre, Braywick Road, Maidenhead SL6 1BN
FormatTeam Kurling
IntentThinking ME - making effective decisions & evaluations
Eligibility CriteriaAimed at SEND students only: SLD, PMLD, ASD, MSI, VI, HI, PD, BESD. NOT appropriate for MLD.
Age GroupPrimary and Secondary & Sixth form events
Squad Size5 with 4 playing
Gender SplitMixed

Each player delivers stones corresponding to their team colour, towards the target at the opposite end of the court.

Stones can be propelled using any part of the body or a pusher, providing that the player is behind the delivery line on releasing the stone.

A team scores one point for each stone that is closer to the centre than any opposition stone.

ScoringCascade format or Round Robin
RewardPlaced Medals
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