Need some new skipping challenges or just want ways to keep warm and active this winter?

This series is called winter warmers because we released it in winter to give schools a way to keep their pupils warm with great activities and suggest its a great series for doing just that!

This we believe is crucial as so often in winter children are heading out in the playground when it is cold needing creative ideas to keep moving, active and warm.

The main series focus is on transitions. Allowing people to develop your ongoing skipping by switching between skills.

The difficulty builds through the series using Bronze, Silver and Gold levels to help skippers learn to switch skill in the middle of a workout and progress to being able to keep skipping for the whole time, even whilst they change from skill to skill.

It's a simple, fun but challenging series … which really could be used at anytime but we think it's perfect to add a bit of fun to those long, cold winter days!



15 seconds of each skill with a transition (2 skills)

  • 1 Single bounce to Double bounce
  • 2 Single Bounce to Run
  • 3 Double Bounce to Run
  • 4 Hopping on different feet
  • 5 Running to Single Bounce
  • 6 Running to Hopping


15 seconds of each skill with a transition (2 skills)

  • 1 Single bounce to side straddle
  • 2 Side Straddles to Alternate foot hops
  • 3 Slaloms to Running
  • 4 Backwards Double Bounce to Backwards Running
  • 5 Rodeo to single bounces
  • 6 Alternate foot hop to Slalom


10 seconds of each skill with a transition (3 skills)

  • 1 Single bounce, Double Bounce, Speed skipping
  • 2 Speed Skipping, Slalom, Single Bounces
  • 3 Running, Crossovers, Side Swings
  • 4 Pretzel, Single Bounces, Speed Skipping
  • 5 Backwards single bounce, Backwards double bounce, Backwards running on the spot
  • 6 Crossovers, Preztels, Speed skipping


Welcome to the Winter Warmers

How to Bronze Level

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How to Silver Level

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How to Gold Level

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