Mums Zone free classes

Mums Zone free classes

Posted: Wed, 11 Aug 2021 13:04

Mums Zone free classes

The Mums' Zone virtual classes are designed for pregnant women and mums with young babies – they are led by pre and post-natal qualified exercise teachers. The class is focused on mum (but if you wish to have your baby with you that is fine).

What Mums are saying about the Mums' Zone online sessions:

"Thank you so much for these sessions. They helped me to start to feel like me again and not just a mum who is still in pain and healing after a traumatic birth and subsequent time in theatre. We are struggling and not just for covid. These free sessions are a lifeline at this time."

"Excellent teacher, I have been really enjoying the classes. They don't seem like a physical strain at the time, but I ache the next day!"

Want to join the sessions? Find out more here

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