Social Prescribing Week: GBA's Fall-Proof Resources

Social Prescribing Week: GBA's Fall-Proof Resources

Posted: Mon, 07 Mar 2022 14:29

Social Prescribing Week: GBA's Fall-Proof Resources

As for many others the start of the pandemic saw a halt to our usual face-to-face Ever Active sessions and a demand for resources that older people could access in their own homes, without the need for any technology equipment or 'know-how'. Shared with us by colleagues at Active Gloucestershire and branded for Get Berkshire Active, our Fall-Proof resources were launched and have since become an integral part to our Ageing Well offer. Featuring 6 simple exercises that can be done around the home, designed to help build strength and balance they were, and still are a useful resource for Social Prescribers to share with individuals they talk to who they recognise as needing a bit more support to take that first step towards a more active lifestyle.

Rebecca Neeves, Social Prescribing Link Worker for West Berkshire Rural PCN explains

I really appreciate the connections made with Get Berkshire Active to support patients into activity; we all understand the barriers that can come with starting physical activity and work together to reduce the effect of them. I often use the Fall Proof cards to introduce activity to patients, and to reduce the anxiety that comes with starting sessions.

To access our Fall Proof resources – a print-at-home version and video demonstration can be found here, alternatively hard copy versions can be accessed too – contact for more details.

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