Social Prescribing Week: Live Longer Better Programme

Social Prescribing Week: Live Longer Better Programme

Posted: Wed, 09 Mar 2022 12:48

Social Prescribing Week: Live Longer Better Programme

Live Longer Better is a national revolution which aims to change the way we all think about ageing and disseminating the Learning Programme to local partners is a key first step to achieving this. This programme, developed and led by Sir Muir Gray, former Chief Knowledge Officer for the NHS, involves 12 online modules covering a range of topics including; 'Increasing brainability and reducing the risk of dementia', 'Developing Strength and Power' and 'The Importance of Purpose and Planning'. Given the interactions and conversations Social Prescribers are having they are a key target audience for this development opportunity. Charlotte, Social Prescribing Link Worker for Tilehurst PCN tells us more…..

Get Berkshire Active has been, and continue to be, a great source of support in my work as a social prescriber. I have a high case load of older patients, many of whom suffer with poor health, long-term conditions, immobility, poor flexibility and general lack of fitness etc. and I tended to accept that this is how it is after a certain age. Having completed the Live Longer Better programme I have changed my mind on this. I'm now strongly empowering my clients to understand that age doesn't automatically mean poor health, and that with a little active daily movement profound changes in longevity and quality of life can be had. The programme has pointed me to the fact that we all have a lot more control over our health than we think. In turn, in passing this information on to my patients, I have seen some positive mindset shifts and a renewed motivation in them to get active.

You can find out more about our Live Longer Better work here

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