SVGA awarded funding through the Together Fund

SVGA awarded funding through the Together Fund

Posted: Wed, 2 Mar 2022 12:15

SVGA  awarded funding through the Together Fund

Get Berkshire Active always values new connections and one such example is one recently formed with 'St Vincent and the Grenadines Association' (SVGA), a Reading based charity founded in 1983 for the benefit of Vincentians in both the UK and in St Vincent and the Grenadines. Their charitable activities include promoting social inclusion for their members and beneficiaries who are excluded from society on the grounds of their ethnic origin, age or physical abilities; promoting health and wellbeing among their members; and fundraising to help victims of natural disasters in the Caribbean.

SVGA secured Tackling Inequalities Funding (now known as the Together Fund) in 2021 to support their members to be more active. Their project featured two options; a series of 'Wellbeing Walks' and a trial membership at a local Pure Gym where they had one-to-one access to a personal trainer who supported them with accessing gym equipment and also led tailored exercise sessions. The structured programme of walks and gym membership encouraged regular attendances from 16 members, with ages ranging from 35 to 85.

Pol, Special Projects Officer from SVGA highlighted key strengths of the project that included recruiting an appropriately qualified and skilled personal trainer, it was this individuals personal attributes with a particular acknowledgement for his enthusiasm and patience that had a noticeable effect on those accessing the gym and classes

'I noticed a change in perceptions towards the gym environment they were exposed to, for example, some had never been on a treadmill before and were understandably nervous, but their confidence soon grew with support from the personal trainer'

Similarly, one participant explained their positive experience of the project

'I have really enjoyed the exercise classes finding them to be varied, well instructed with great patience and understanding shown by the trainer. We have had instruction and opportunity to use different equipment within the gym and age-appropriate sessions. '

The walks have since continued and some members have extended their membership at the gym.

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