How Berkshire Leisure Centres are Becoming Dementia Friendly

How Berkshire Leisure Centres are Becoming Dementia Friendly

Posted: Wed, 18 May 2022 09:26

How Berkshire Leisure Centres are Becoming Dementia Friendly

We spoke with facilities in Berkshire to find out how they're adapting their centres to become more dementia friendly. Here's what they said:

"Making our facilities accessible to the local community is a priority for Better. To enable access for people suffering with Dementia an audit was done by Age UK that focused on looking at how we could make our facilities more dementia friendly. Key points raised by Age UK was improving signage in quantity and type. Signage needed to show clearly how someone could find their way around the leisure centre including how to get out as people could forget this. For South Reading Leisure Centre, they will be displaying this bespoke signage for their dementia friendly swim session.

The GLL marketing department have received these recommendations and will be building in improved signage to the new Rivermead Leisure Centre when it has been built. Currently Rivermead have improved their centre layout by providing rest stations that allow people to sit throughout the centre if they are tired. Many staff have received the free Dementia Friendly training with Age UK already but due to staff turnover new staff will be offered this training; currently centres are auditing staff who needs this training and will be booking dates in the near future"

Greenwich Leisure Limited

"Our Dementia Champions are on hand to help individuals with dementia and/or their carers navigate the leisure centre facilities and activities by sharing information about activities that may be beneficial and suitable for individuals with dementia and also highlight accessible facilities and help them familiarise with the environment so they feel safe and reassured when using the facilities."

Legacy Leisure Centre

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