Basketball Coach Hajji Shares Her Journey

Basketball Coach Hajji Shares Her Journey

Posted: Fri, 10 Jun 2022 10:07

Basketball Coach Hajji Shares Her Journey

Hajji Alami - Apprentice Coach at Reading Rockets Basketball Club

Ambition in Basketball:

To encourage people of all ages (specifically females) to play Basketball, to develop a love for this sport and also improve their fitness at the same time as having fun.

How old were you when you first got involved in basketball and how/where?

I first played basketball at secondary school and played the school matches, however I found further love for the sport when I attended a Reading Rockets satellite programme for women only at the age of 16. This is when I learnt and improved my basketball skills with specialised coaching from Coach Steph. The programme enabled me to develop my skills and love for basketball even further and until this day I still have a passion for the sport!

Why did you have a break from the sport?

I had a break from the sport due to starting a family, however between each child I had, I still managed to go back to basketball training for women with the Reading Rockets. This helped me to refresh my skills as I grew older and still enjoy the sport as much as I could at the same time as balancing work/home life.

How did you get back involved?

As my children have grown, I encouraged them to play basketball through the Reading Rockets clubs, in which they have all thoroughly enjoyed. My eldest daughter has developed a passion for the sport in particular and Coach Steph approached me to start assistant coaching a satellite girls club so I could not only encourage my daughter, but more young females to take up this fun sport!

Why have you decided to learn to become a coach?

I have had a passion for basketball since a young age, and now that I am older, with my children growing to love the sport too, instead of solely teaching my children, I thought it would be a great opportunity to teach their peers too! Coaching is a rewarding job and when you see children/teens develop each week and master a skill, it makes it a really fulfilling role!

Would you recommend other parents to get involved in coaching?

100% yes as it gives you access to many opportunities in a sport that you love. It is such a rewarding role when you know you have taught certain skills and you see the player develop in all areas of the sport and play to their best ability!

In 3 words can you sum up how coaching young people makes you feel?

1. Happy



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