GBA Collaborate with Sport in Mind to Support New Mums

GBA Collaborate with Sport in Mind to Support New Mums

Posted: Fri, 28 Oct 2022 12:47

GBA Collaborate with Sport in Mind to Support New Mums

Get Berkshire Active collaborate with Sport in Mind to support new mums improve their mental wellbeing through physical activity.

GBA are working in partnership with Sport in Mind to support more women access sport and physical activity opportunities in order to support their mental wellbeing. Being a new parent can be a challenging time, and the most common health problem after a woman has had a baby is a mental health problem, with 1 in 5 women experiencing either depression or anxiety. Add to this the fact that the most likely time in anyone's life for having a severe mental health problem is the first few weeks after birth and you can see why the emotional wellbeing of new mums is so vital as it can have such a devasting effect on the mother and their families. Research has shown that the effects of the mother's mental health both while pregnant and after birth, on their children's mental health can have an impact years into the future. With a strong link between maternal mental health and children's mental health, providing physical activity and social opportunities and wellbeing support provides an essential programme to support pregnant women and new mums.

Both GBA and Sport in Mind have been working in the maternity space for a few years and have decided to join forces and collaborate on a physical activity programme for women (initially in Slough), initially focusing on mums with children under 2 years old. The partnership will also work with the NHS including midwives and health visitors to embed physical activity within maternity systems providing a holistic approach to supporting more pregnant women and new mums with their mental wellbeing.

The new programme in Slough offers a range of activity from mum and baby dance and movement to parent and toddler dance and movement and mum and baby Pilates across a range of venues in Slough.

Cathy Carr from GBA said "I'm really excited to be working with Sport in Mind to offer a holistic programme both supporting women and also maternity workforces. We hope this is a long term partnership where we can look to expand the programme into more across Berkshire. Being active and meeting others has a hugely positive impact on your mental wellbeing and ability to lead a healthier and happier life".

Kayleigh Harris from Sport in Mind said "Here at Sport in Mind we are passionate about providing relaxed, non-judgemental activity sessions whereby participants can feel connectivity and move to feel better. We are delighted to be partnering with Mumzone from Get Berkshire Active to expand our life saving sessions further across Berkshire for mums that experiencing mental health problems. To learn more about Sport in Mind please visit

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