#ActiveTogetHER Inspiring Stories: Daniela and Annabel

#ActiveTogetHER Inspiring Stories: Daniela and Annabel

Posted: Fri, 6 Jan 2023 12:17

#ActiveTogetHER Inspiring Stories: Daniela and Annabel

We were thrilled to receive so many entries to our #ActiveTogetHER campaign throughout November! Our aim was to inspire as many mothers and daughters in Berkshire as possible to get moving, and we were delighted to read all the stories and see all the pictures that were sent into us.

As part of this campaign we wanted to choose the best stories to award with a Decathlon voucher! We'd love to share one of these with you:

My daughter, Annabel and I live in Pangbourne, West Berkshire. Annabel is a keen hockey player, playing for Reading Hockey and her school. She knows that to improve, she needs stamina. I wanted to lose weight and become active but dreaded the thought of running by myself. I therefore decided to do the couch to 5K and get Annabel to motivate me-I felt I could not stop if she was beside me and needed to talk the talk and walk the walk! We completed the couch to 5k and run every Sunday together. It has led me to being so much happier in myself, wearing clothes that fit, feeling better and spending quality time with my daughter. We have the best chats when running! Her stamina on the hockey field has massively improved and sometimes if she has something bothering her, she is more likely to share it on our run rather than in the week when it is too hectic! It is win win for us both! #ACTIVETOGETHER

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