#ActiveTogetHER Inspiring Stories: Talat and Daughter

#ActiveTogetHER Inspiring Stories: Talat and Daughter

Posted: Fri, 6 Jan 2023 12:14

#ActiveTogetHER Inspiring Stories: Talat and Daughter

We were thrilled to receive so many entries to our #ActiveTogetHER campaign throughout November! Our aim was to inspire as many mothers and daughters in Berkshire as possible to get moving, and we were delighted to read all the stories and see all the pictures that were sent into us.

As part of this campaign we wanted to choose the best stories to award with a Decathlon voucher! We'd love to share one of these with you:

Talat and Daughter

So by day I am with sports in mind a well-being facilitator. I look after and promote ones well-being and I work with women - mothers in particular who with the demands of motherhood have forgotten just how amazing they are and how strong they are. So I have the fun job to remind them through sports! Being a mother of two girls I have to practise what I preach!

Me and my eldest daughter actually started our fitness routine from football. I enrolled her in the under 7 girls team with the company confidence through football in Iver (CFT). Their vision was to boost girls confidence and well-being as well as developing their skills for the game they love but don't get a chance to do in school against the boys. She has thrived in the team. The coach mentioned they also ran a mums team. Music to my ears as I use to play in school collage and uni (I have the embarrassing pics somewhere throughout my years!) I joined the team. We both support each other mother and daughter whenever we play in our own teams.

I wanted to show my daughter that not only can women play but Asian female Muslims can play too and generally any sports we don't have a barrier that people think we do!

Since then I've trained as a rebounder instructor and although my aim is to work with women, I've been practising with both my girls as they've seen me do it and want to join in.

Maybe one day I'll run classes for kids but until then this is mine and my daughters pass time to work out, have fun, do something together and concentrate on our well-being.

We've not stopped there, we've taken on other adventurous journeys together because it just makes our bond stronger and continues the message girl power through the ages! We've been snowboarding, indoor rock climbing, cycling, swimming, self defence, football and the list could go on!

We are from Langley in slough and fitness is an important part of our lives. We take pride in putting both our physical and mental health first so that we can continue to show our community that as young female Muslims the sky is our limit!!

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