#ActiveTogetHER Inspiring Stories: Una and Mum

#ActiveTogetHER Inspiring Stories: Una and Mum

Posted: Fri, 6 Jan 2023 10:43

#ActiveTogetHER Inspiring Stories: Una and Mum

We were thrilled to receive so many entries to our #ActiveTogetHER campaign throughout November! Our aim was to inspire as many mothers and daughters in Berkshire as possible to get moving, and we were delighted to read all the stories and see all the pictures that were sent into us.

As part of this campaign we wanted to choose the best stories to award with a Decathlon voucher! We'd love to share one of these with you:

Una and Mum

So we're based in Windsor and Maidenhead, and my mum and myself both play rugby at the Windsor Rugby Club and we are now into our 2nd season playing together and both love playing alongside each other. We also go to the gym together and do hill sprints too.

For me when I first introduced rugby to my mum it was a way to get her out of the house and out of her bad mental state at the time and to socialise with others outside of her comfort zone, and it was also a way for us to spend more time together because I love my Mum's company and we both like to make each other laugh and help each other out, and playing rugby and going to the gym together just gives us more time to spend together and laugh a lot whilst enjoying ourselves.

When playing Ruby with my mum I get to be in charge of what she does on the pitch, even though I do get a couple of words in Fijian it's still puts a smile on both our faces, but that's never stopped me from telling her what to do or not to do. Between my mum and me she's faster and I love that because I then know someone will be there as support when playing, and she knows how I play so I don't have to change the way I play for her or vice versa.

When we go to the gym, we always come in laughing and with big smiles on our faces and great the instructors there. We'll be going around do different exercises and we'll be laughing at something or someone but mum would speak to me in Fijian whilst I reply in English which make people wonder what we're talking about but we just carry on and laugh a little louder each time. I personally take mum with me because it's also a way for me to be able to talk with her without my dad and sister being around to listen in and for it to be a little something just for us to have between us.

Being active is a way to relieve all the stress, anxiety and depression out and to just have fun with others with a big smile on yours and other faces. Mum says this time and time again, it's also to socialise and gain new friends that become a new family that are also there if your having a bad day and need to relieve anything.

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