CLUBS: Environmental Sustainability Survey

CLUBS: Environmental Sustainability Survey

Posted: Thu, 4 May 2023 15:14

CLUBS: Environmental Sustainability Survey

Help us shape our future - share your views on what is needed to help the sport and physical activity sector accelerate action on environmental sustainability.

With the support of Useful Projects, Sport England is carrying out a sector wide consultation to co-develop a vision for our future.

We really want to hear from you about your views on how the sport and physical activity sector could accelerate positive climate action. About what you're already doing, the greatest opportunities and priorities for change, and the challenges and support needed to overcome these.

Environmental Sustainability - why this matters to us.

Extreme weather, air quality and wider climate change are increasingly likely to impact participation levels, and when & where activity takes place. The impact of climate change upon community-based sport will affect people's capability and opportunities to be active and could exacerbate inequalities in participation.

Equally, the sport and physical activity sector has a significant environmental impact that reinforces these effects. From energy use by sports facilities; travel by participants and workforce; the production and consumption of sports equipment, goods and services; to the creation of waste - we have considerable scope, opportunity and obligation to create positive change.

I'd love to share my views - Let's get started.

We'd love to hear from you whether you're just starting to think about this or already have initiatives in place. To hear, what support you need to get started and accelerate action. For example, to reduce your energy use, encourage responsible travel choices, reduce waste, improve air quality and support biodiversity.

You can take part here: Environmental Sustainability Survey 2023

Please do also feel free to share this survey with your networks. To help us collectively develop the plan for how we can support sports and communities to protect and adapt the environments in which sport and physical activity takes place and work together towards our collective net zero ambitions.

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