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Hit the Pitch is Baseball Softball UK's development programme aimed at creating new playing opportunities and attracting youth, college, university and adult players to softball and baseball.

About This Programme

Hit the Pitch is BaseballSoftballUK's national participation programme. It aims to introduce new players to baseball and softball in a meaningful, engaging and fun way. It can be tailored to suit your needs and is offered to you in three distinct though interrelated packages: Day, Team and League. The programme is aimed at a range of sectors including schools, universities, colleges, community groups and companies, as well as enabling existing clubs and leagues to grow their numbers. We are confident that one of these packages will help you to add new players, teams or a new league to your existing structure.

Why take part in Hit the Pitch?

  • Fun introductory sessions and competition for all ages.
  • Men and women play together.
  • Perfect for developing friendships and socialising.
  • No prior playing experience is necessary, so baseball and softball can be used to widen sporting participation in your school or organisation.
  • Helps to break down cultural and diversity barriers.
  • Great opportunity for youngsters, students, and adults to develop leadership and volunteering skills.
  • Good for developing health and fitness levels.
  • Opportunities for local community engagement.

More Information: http://www.hitthepitch.com/

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