It is important that children continue to remain fit and active and, wherever possible, have the 60 active minutes of daily physical activity recommended by the Chief Medical Officers.

Activities such as active miles, making break times and lessons active and encouraging active travel help to enable pupils to be physically active while encouraging physical distancing.

To support our schools and young people we have compiled a list of 6 FREE opportunities that young people could do to complete their 60 minutes a day. Schools could undertake these at school or signpost these activities to pupils and parents to enable them to stay active when at home.

  • 60 Minutes 60 Minutes (PDF, 137 Kb)

    Click to open, download & print. PLUS access to all the web links.

What Else Could We Do?

  • Identify pupils (leaders) to deliver some of the VSG, skipping or 60 second challenges to other pupils in their bubble at playtime.
  • Restructure the timetable to enable 5 or 10 minute physical activity breaks.
  • Allow a flexible timetable to take advantage of good weather days.
  • Invest in hardy equipment that can get wet and be cleaned easily.
  • Not get too worried about getting wet & muddy.
  • Build dens and explore nature
  • Ask members of staff to share their favourite playground game from their school days.
  • Consider if uniform is more important than physical health and well being:
    • Ask pupils to wear trainers to school everyday.
    • Come in 'Warm' PE kit everyday.
    • Bring a spare shoes and clothes in case they get wet.
    • Ask them to bring a coat to school. Ask parents to bring old coats for other pupils to use.
    • Go outdoors for as many lessons as we can- whatever the subject and weather!
    • Keep Wellies at school and ask parents to bring in old pairs for other pupils to use.
    • Invest in wet weather gear for younger pupils to use.

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