Good coaches inspire people to get active and stay active. Good coaches also guide those on a journey of improvement, including those with talent, to progress faster and further than they could on their own. Additionally, the act of coaching brings individual and personal wellbeing to the coach and the participant as well as making valuable, social and economic contributions to society.

Therefore, Get Berkshire Active are committed to; making it easier for people from a wider range of backgrounds become coaches, develop a learning culture focused on ongoing improvement and the development of coaching expertise and support coaches to become better equipped to provide experiences based on the needs and goals of the individual being coached. So through these bursaries we hope to focus some of our resources to support different coaches.


Get Berkshire Active organise a range of courses which are open to everyone interested in improving their knowledge and skills in coaching, safeguarding, disability sport, equality, effective communication and much more. We also have the capacity to arrange closed and bespoke opportunities on topics catered to the learning you need. Check out our workshops to see what's coming up soon.


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