Supporting the workforce through COVID-19

COVID-19: Supporting the Workforce

Knowing that coaches and activators are facing challenging times as a result of COVID-19, we want to provide support for Berkshire and its fantastic workforce. GBA has created this support page to give you ideas and access to tools and resources which will help you to work through the current situation.

This page will evolve as we post new opportunities and resources, but please get in contact with any questions or feedback by contacting our Workforce Officer -

Key Guidance for the Workforce

Government Guidance

There is up-to-date guidance detailing the measures that the government are putting in place to support employees and individuals.

- Government Guidance

- Government advice for employees

- Guidance for personal trainers and coaches

Mental Health: supporting people and organisations "returning to play"


EMD UK is the National Governing Body for group exercise. They have published some FREE instructor resources to help deal with the challenges of COVID-19:


  • The Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMPSA) have created this hub as a place to bring together advice and practical assistance on COVID-19 for the sport and physical activity workforce.

Click here to access.

  • They are also undertaking a survey to understand the impact of COVID-19 on the workforce – please help build this knowledge base by sharing with any relevant contacts.

Click here to access.

UK Coaching

UK Coaching know there is nothing more frustrating than not being able to do what you love. But while the spread of the virus may be preventing you gathering with your teams and participants, it cannot stop you gathering knowledge and growing your coaching skills during this exasperating but unavoidable pause in play. UK Coaching would like to help you use your downtime effectively, so that when things return to normal you will be stronger for the experience.

Subscribe to UK Coaching to access their most valuable resources.

This selection of tips, guidance, videos, webinars and expert voices will give you the opportunity to take stock and reflect on your coaching practice, and will also help you expand your coaching knowledge and ideas.

1.The Power of Holistic Coaching: Why Coaches Should Develop the Whole Person
2.Understanding Self: Creating a Coaching Philosophy
3.Understanding the Individual: The Key to Helping Your Participants Thrive
4.Understanding Environment: Provide Your Participants With a Sense of Empowerment
5.Understanding Coaching Practice: Reflective Practice Essentials
6.Sports Psychology: Developing Mental Toughness
7.Athletic Development & Physical Preparation: The Importance of Fundamental Movement Skills
8.Health, Lifestyle & Wellbeing: Being a Mindful Coach
9.Building Relationships: Why Mastering the Coach-Athlete Relationship is so Important
10.Skill Acquisition: How to Develop and Use Attention to Improve Performance

Click here to access this selection of resources on their website.

UK Coaching - Keeping People Active at Home Infographics

UK Coaching - Curious Coaches Club

What are the things that separate good coaches from great coaches? Well, we know that one of those elements is curiosity; it is the urge you feel to know more about something. Alongside this is the knowledge that the more we learn and find out, the more we realise we don't actually know as much as we thought! This is where the 'Curious Coaches Club' comes in!

Each week UK Coaching will be holding a conversation about a particular coaching topic that they know is important to coaches and one that many would like to learn more about. You see, we are all coaches as well and are fascinated by the process and art of coaching, helping people to learn and grow whilst using sport and activity as the vehicle to achieve this. Sometimes this might be helping another person get better at a specific technical or tactical outcome or it could be to support someone else to increase their confidence or communication skills.

The 'Curious Coaches Club' has three parts to it:

  1. Watch 'A Conversation About…' between expert coaches live on a Monday or on-demand via or their YouTube channel.
  2. Engage and take part in a more in-depth conversation about the topic on Wednesday or Thursday via smaller informal gatherings of coaches hosted by one of the UK Coaching team.
  3. Continue the conversation via the community aspect of 'Connected Coaches' hosted on their website.

Over the coming weeks UK Coaching will be following this process to talk about all sorts of different topics and feel free to share with them if there are any specific topics, discussions or coaches you would like to hear from and they will see what they can do!

Chelsea Piggott

Chelsea Piggott

Youth and Workforce Officer

Chelsea is the Strategic Lead for Workforce and Crime Prevention at Get Berkshire Active. She is responsible for supporting coaches, volunteers, clubs and communities to deliver quality opportunities for people in Berkshire to get active. She oversees funding programmes for children and young people across all local authorities and is involved in creating opportunities to use sport and physical activity to support people at risk of or involved in criminality. Having completed a Degree and Masters at the University of Gloucestershire, she took up a role in Sports Development at a Local Authority supporting disability physical activity programmes before joining GBA. Alongside this, she is completing a part-time PhD at Loughborough Uni researching the effects of life skills developed through physical activity and sport programmes and their impact on youth delinquency. She draws on her personal experience of what interventions and funded programmes can do for young people and hopes to continue to pass this on to future generations. Outside of work she enjoys walking her two dogs and has a passion for powerlifting.

07548 226485

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