Team Berkshire Volunteers are 'OAR' some at the Henley Rowing Regatta!

Team Berkshire Volunteers are 'OAR' some at the Henley Rowing Regatta!


GBA's CEO and Miriam Luke (ex GB Rower), the Chair of Henley Womens Regatta initially met in March 2014. Similar to any other initial meeting the discussion explored potential partnerships that could be made between the two organisations.
Following the meeting two formal links were made between the organisations; one in relation to mar-keting and communication and the other, volunteer recruitment.
Get Berkshire Active uploaded a news article to the website promoting the regatta along with Social media updates and committed to recruiting Team Berkshire Volunteers to support the event.

On the day…….

6 Team Berkshire Volunteers were deployed into a variety of role across the 3 days.
Including; Car parking, VIP tent and Runner/Refreshment area.
100 hours of volunteering were contributed to the event by our Team Berkshire Volunteers

Feedback from Henley Rowing Regatta…

'It went really well and the volunteers you gave me were amazing! They are very useful, friendly and positive the whole time. I would certainly like to invite them all back next year'.

Feedback from our Team Berkshire Volunteers about their experience…

'ended up doing some stakeboating which was great fun'

'the team were very supportive'
'my role was entertaining and varied, I was made to feel that I played a useful part in the event'
'I was well supported and made welcome by all the other 90 volunteers especially when I helped deliver their refreshments and lunch'
' I was complimented by members of the club for keeping everything in apple pie order'

Source: Team Berkshire Volunteers

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