The 9th GBA Awards Winner Jacquie Gee

Jacquie Gee

Jacquie's daily live Zoom classes inspired women of all ages to keep active during lockdown. Jacquie gave her time and experience for free. Each day she organised a different fun session, including bands, Zumba, box fit, Pilates, weights, HIIT, and tabata. Jacquie kept spirits high with motivational quotes, recipes, challenges, and guest speakers.

Regular check ins, and the ability to see familiar faces, strengthened friendships, boosted emotional wellbeing and provided routine in uncertainty. Her enthusiasm was endless, despite home schooling two young children.

"Jacquie was the reason I got out of bed and moving. She really motivated me while I didn't feel good about myself."

"Jacquie's energy is infectious and her love for helping us shines through."

"Jacquie seemed to know when a friendly face was needed."

"I looked forward to the classes and Jacquie created a forum of unity and support."

"Jacquie really knows how to appeal to women's strengths and to build them up to support each other."

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