The 9th GBA Awards Winner O2 Gym Slough

During lockdown the gym offered support to over 1,000 people in Slough – the O2 workforce and people they live with. Live classes were moved online and recorded so people could take part from home around other commitments. 'Couch to 5K', via Microsoft Teams, helped recreate the social benefit of a running group.

Morning mobility focussed on stretching and relaxation. Meditation sessions were held weekly. A virtual 'Wellbeing Day' included talks on sleep hygiene, immune system support, and posture. When permitted, the gym was transformed to enable socially distant, pre-booked, workouts. Activities helped relieve stress caused by homeworking, benefitting participants wellbeing.

The classes have been of greatest personal benefit to me this year but I have also appreciated the other aspects of wellness considered by The Gym. This includes stretch and relaxation and morning mobility classes which have helped people to process the additional stress (physical and mental) caused by homeworking in often a less than ideal set up

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