The Light (UK) Dancercise Sportivate Project

This project was developed to encourage young people with learning disabilities to engage in physical activity and discourage them from anti-social behaviour. Working alongside Thames Valley Police and Slough Borough Council Learning Disability Team, suitable young people from around Slough were identified, mostly through referrals, and encouraged to attend the sessions. 30 male and female young people aged 18-24 attended the project and were taught a range of dance techniques and routines throughout the sessions.

To further encourage the young people to continue attending all sessions, a performance was arranged at the end of the project, to allow the young people to showcase their newfound skills. They were also encouraged to join local dance groups, some run by The Light (UK) after the project had finished, to allow sustained participation.

This exit route proved to be successful as all 30 participants attended all 6 sessions within the project, which in turn will have resulted continued participation for most young people engaged.

'The session was ran over a period of 12 weeks and was a great success! We were able to retain our participants and ensured that all of our participants thoroughly enjoyed our sessions. Our lesson plans were according to each child's wishes and their needs! Overall our children greatly enjoyed the 12 weeks and six of them have decided to pursue their dance hobby further!'

Said by Maariyah Fazil from The Light

Source: The Light

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