We Are Undefeatable

The campaign aims to change the misconception that those with long-term health conditions can't be active. It seeks to inspire and empower those who are least active to build physical activity into their lives in small chunks, in a way that long-term health conditions allow, whilst celebrating every little victory.

15 leading health and social care charities are launching a national campaign and movement to inspire and support people with health conditions to be active.

We Are Undefeatable features the real-life experiences of people with health conditions and aims to support people to build physical activity into their lives, in a way that's right for them.

The campaign is backed by expertise, insight and significant National Lottery funding from Sport England. It will launch on 29 August and you will see it on TV and hear it on the radio from 2 September.

The Campaign’s Materials Will Support

1. Those who work with and for people with long-term conditions with insight, FAQ and other materials.

2. People with long-term conditions (via a TV and Radio campaign) to empower them to understand the benefits of physical activity, try something new and gain confidence to act.

To help partners support those with long term conditions, the campaign have developed a range of resources that can be ordered and downloaded from the Campaign Resource Centre.

All GP surgeries and community pharmacies across England received a campaign toolkit with promotional material from 21 August, so will not need to order resources from the Campaign Resource Centre.

By Joining The "We Are Undefeatable" Campaign You Will

  1. Gain access to the insight essential to engage with people with long-term conditions, understand their barriers to joining physical activity and the ways to overcome them.
  2. Build confidence in working with people, being equipped with facts and ideas.
  3. Utilize the momentum of the intensive campaign displayed on TV and Radio nationwide that will get resonance from the target audience, their carers, family and friends.
  4. Learn how to engage and promote sessions, clubs, physical activity to people who are least active, what motivates them to attend PA sessions and what type of offer appeals to them.

How You Can Get Involved

  1. Follow WE ARE UNDEFEATABLE campaign's social media Facebook , Twitter, Youtube and Instagram, Share the campaign's posters and videos once they're published.
  2. Spread the word about We Are Undefeatable and its opportunities to engage more with people with LTC in your newsletters, website and other communication channels.
  3. Utilise the insight of the research that the campaign is based on in your promotional materials, networking sessions, in motivational interviewing. It provides crucial understanding of barriers to adopt an active lifestyle and beat misconception about being "restful" with health conditions and avoiding physical activity.
  4. Change the narrative of talking with and about people with long-term conditions based on recommendations of the campaign.
  5. Set up a discussion panel and build an action plan on how to utilise the campaign in your network. Include discussion of the campaign and its materials in your next forums and conferences.
  6. If you are working in the field of physical activity, health care services, community groups, inclusive sport clubs, this is your chance to spread the word about the campaign, bring confidence to people with health conditions that they're welcomed in your sessions, support delivers with significant insight on the barriers of adopting an active life style for people with LTC, help them build their messages correctly to engage with this specific audience.
  7. Update your physical activity sessions on the Get Berkshire Active's Activity Finder.

Promote Your Activity Sessions During The Campaign

If you deliver inclusive physical activity sessions, this campaign is your chance to expand the audience and engage more with people who are least active.

If your sessions ARE in the Get Berkshire Active's Activity Finder then update your physical activity sessions and attach it to the "We Are Undefeatable" campaign. Follow Step 5 in the "How to upload your sessions to the Activity Finder" Guide below.

In case your sessions ARE NOT in the Activity Finder and you are new to the Get Berkshire Active's network then sign up to become the one by following instructions "How to Upload Your Session To The Activity Finder" below.

How Get Berkshire Active supports "We Are Undefeatable" locally:

  • If you work with people with LTC in Berkshire we will promote your organisation/activity sessions on the Page of the Campaign .

Action required: please drop us a line to info@getberkshireactive.org, send a logo and a link to your website and we'll publish it on our website.

  • We will promote our Activity Finder with your sessions registered on our Social media platforms.

Action required: please update your physical activity sessions (or upload new sessions) on the Get Berkshire Active's Activity Finder. Make sure you attach your sessions to the campaign by ticking the box in the Campaigns sections. Please follow "How to Upload Your Session To The Activity Finder" guide above.

  • We will promote inclusive sessions in Berkshire on our Social Media pages

Action required: please send us your visual (a square or a landscape shape) and the details of your activity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) will give you an overview on the audience insight, amplification and marketing, health-related policy and activation strategy.

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