Pupils should send their results to their teacher.

  • Paper Copy Paper Copy (PDF, 127 Kb)

    Optional print out copy yo collate class scores.

    click to open, download & print.

  • KS3 Enduro Event KS3 Enduro Event (MS Excel, 76 Kb)

    This spreadsheet MUST BE used as it will calculate your average class scores. This DOES NOT need to be submitted.

    click to open & download the excel spreadsheet.

1. NEW- SCORESHEET for schools to share on online learning platforms

  • KS3 Enduro Event Hidden Results KS3 Enduro Event Hidden Results (MS Excel, 75 Kb)

    click to open, download & save

    This spreadsheet can be added to your online learning platforms for pupils to add their results. To limit pupils from seeing the scores of other pupils the cell will turn black once they have entered their data. If you want to see individual pupil results once the event has closed you will need to remove the conditional formatting for those cells. This is not required to submit your class averages for the event. These are in the yellow boxes.

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