WEEK SIX- 15th -19th June



Deadline for scoresheet to be submitted noon 22nd June

Please send to


This week we have set a different style of challenge. Instead of 3 levels per age group there is just one 'race' per age group.

As the challenge only requires limited equipment we hope it will encourage schools to use with pupils who have returned to school. We are also aware that there is a need to support pupils to improve their fitness and endurance after a period of limited activity over the last few months.

We hope that this challenge can also be supportive to teachers to review personal best over the coming weeks as pupils get fitter.

As previous weeks pupils still compete in teams of 6 and fasted times win.

  • Enduro Teacher Guidance Enduro Teacher Guidance (PDF, 151 Kb)

    click to open; download and print

  • Week Six Enduro Challenge Task Guidance Week Six Enduro Challenge Task Guidance (PDF, 569 Kb)

    click to open, download and print


    Please download and save the file with your school name before submitting your scores to schoolgames@getberkshire active.org by noon 22nd June.
    Please enter all your pupils who take up the challenge as they all count for our participation scores even if it does not make up a whole team.
    There are 4 tabs/worksheets to enable you to submit scores for upto 3 different age groups in your school. The dropdown box on each worksheet allows you to input for each pupil :
    Year 1/2
    Year 3/4
    Year 5/6
    Year 7
    Year 8
    Year 9
    The final tab/worksheet provides you with the top 3 teams for each age group.
    PLEASE KEEP AGE GROUPS the same on each tab/worksheet. E.g Yr 5/6 or Yr 8/9.
    For a team to enter into the Berkshire Virtual School Games competition it must be entirely made up of the same age group e.g. Year 1/2 or Yr 7. Secondary schools may combine year groups as Yr 7/8 or Yr 8/9 with a team. And that team will be entered into the age group of the highest Year Group- e.g a team consisting of Year 7 and 8s will be entered into the Year 8 competition.
    If a school can only submit one team combining more than the 2 given year groups e.g Yr 2,3, 4 or 3,4,5,6 or 7,8,9 then this team will still be entered but will put into the category of the highest aged child. Teams CANNOT be combined across KEY STAGES as challenges differ.
    SPECIAL SCHOOLS- can enter a Primary (Yr1-6) and/or Secondary (Yr7-13) team.

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