Active Medicine Programme

Active Medicine (AMP) is a collaborative programme between the Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, and Berkshire West Integrated Care System (ICS) members and the local Active Partnerships: Get Berkshire Active, Leap, and Active Oxfordshire. It's one of Sport England's Workforce Innovation Projects to test and learn locally, gaining funding for a 2-year period starting in October 2019. A further year of funding has been provided by Health Education England Thames Valley.

Being active has never been more important, for both our physical health and our mental wellbeing. Reducing the risk of Heart Disease, Type 2 Diabetes, Depression, Anxiety, and many other conditions, physical activity is widely considered a powerful solution, and backed by strong clinical evidence.

Health and social care workforces play a crucial role in promoting physical activity and enabling their patients to be active. By supporting the workforce, at Get Berkshire Active we can make sure everyone accessing healthcare services is empowered to be more active.

Our aim is to enhance the great care that staff are already providing to keep people fit and healthy for longer, and get everyone benefiting from the physical, mental and social benefits of being more active. We are here to help everyone working in health and social care, including both paid and voluntary roles, from GPs, nurses, and allied health professionals, to social care workers and befrienders. We aim do this in three ways; education, resources and support.

Medical Practice Waiting Room Video

A clip commissioned for medical practice screens to start the conversation around ways we can all become more active. This is a free resource for those in the sector, so don't hesitate to make use of this and get in touch for more resources.

Active Medicine in Practice

Made possible with funding from the Sport Council Trust Company, the Active Medicine in Practice (AMiP) project will support three medical practices in the BOB area to join the national network of practices making positive changes in their surgeries to boost staff and patient wellbeing. We will work with these practices to develop a bespoke package of support enabling them to meet the criteria of accreditation by September 2022.

The aim of AMiP is to provide support and guidance for practices in achieving the RCGP Active Practice Charter, by;

a. Reducing sedentary behaviour in staff;

b. Reducing sedentary behaviour in patients;

c. Increasing physical activity in staff;

d. Increasing physical activity in patients; and

e. Partnering with a local physical activity provider.

As a commissioned pilot project, an independent external evaluator has been appointed to determine the value of support by an Active Partnership in working towards Active Practice Charter status

Marlize De Vivo

Marlize De Vivo

Active Medicine Programme Manager

Marlize is the Active Medicine Programme Manager at Get Berkshire Active. She is a qualified Biokineticist (HPCSA registered), Sports Rehabilitator and Trainer (BASRaT registered), and professional member of the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (BASES). Outside of this role, she is an academic, co-director of the Perinatal Physical Activity Research Group (PPARG) at Canterbury Christ Church University and CEO of The Active Pregnancy Foundation. Marlize has also been appointed to the UK Chief Medical Officers' Physical Activity Guidelines Expert Committee as a Specialist Member. She is a keen advocate of women's health and is passionate about highlighting the benefits of strength training for the female population.


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