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People with health conditions are on average, twice as likely to be inactive than people without a condition. Therefore, people who regularly engage with health care professionals are far more likely to be inactive. Increasing physical activity levels, particularly by targeting the least active, contributes to improving population health and wellbeing and can help reduce the strain on health and social systems. This webpage provides an overview of key work to support health care professionals, and affiliated roles, to embed physical activity in their practice.

What solution are you seeking?

Improving/refreshing skills to increase confidence with having conversations, with patients, about changing their lifestyle behaviours. This could be; increasing activity levels, reducing/quitting smoking, reducing/quitting drug and alcohol use.

  • See;
    • Active Medicine Programme
    • Making Every Contact Count (MECC) Training
    • Motivational Interviewing Training
    • Moving Medicine

Improving/gaining knowledge about benefits of being more physically active, the current CMO guidelines and the impact being more physically active can have on a range of long term health conditions

  • See;
    • Active Medicine Programme
    • Clinical Champions Training
    • CMO Guidelines
    • Moving Medicine

Improving practice staff health/wellbeing/physical activity levels.

  • See;
    • Active Practice Charter
    • parkrun Practice Initiative
    • Workplace Movement

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