About Us

Our Vision: Inspired people and communities creating a happier, healthier more resilient Berkshire.

Our Mission is to be passionate about the value and benefit of Physical Activity. We will collaborate across all sectors, locally and nationally, using our skills, knowledge and resource to ensure equitable provision and participation in physical activity to address wider social outcomes and inequalities.

GBA Strategic Intent 2021-2026

Welcome to GBA's Strategic Intent document for 2021-2026. If you believe in the power of Physical Activity & Sport to transform lives and communities then please join us in our quest to tackle inequalities and create a healthier, happier and more resilient Berkshire.

We believe in collaboration and that 'only all of us together know the whole story. If you want to be part of the Physical Activity transformation of Berkshire then contact us to see how we can work together.

We work in collaboration with 42 other Active Partnerships across the country. GBA would like to publicly thank Sport England for their ongoing support.

Click on the image below to access our full Strategic Intent:

Who we are

Get Berkshire Active is one of a network of 43 Active Partnerships (AP) across England. We are a charity with a social purpose to transform lives through Sport and Physical Activity. Funded nationally through Sport England we help to deliver the government strategy for Sport locally.

Where We Are Based

Get Berkshire Active operate from the Old Abbey on the iconic Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre site.

How We Operate

GBA is a strategic organisation working to bring partners, stakeholders and providers together to enhance what we all do for the benefit of Berkshire residents.

How We Do It

Get Berkshire Active (GBA) do the following:

  • Lead: We are the leading voice in Berkshire raising awareness of the benefits of Sport and Physical Activity and bringing partners together to increase impact
  • Enable: We help others to improve and thus deliver more and better outcomes through support, training and fundingCommission: We provide funding for others to deliver programmes
  • Collborate: Believing we are stronger together
  • Deliver: We deliver programmes through local and national commissioning and funding

How We Are Measured

GBA takes it measurement and evaluation very seriously and we are always looking to improve. We conform to the new UK Code of Sports Governance at Tier 3 (the highest level) and as a Charity we have a annual external audit. On an annual basis we are also assessed by Sport England and this has now become the formal Performance Measurement & Improvement Framework. This is now an independent assessment of our performance and is carried out by Right Directions under their Quest framework. Our first assessment under this system took place on 11-12 Dec 18 and we were delighted to have been assessed as 'Very Good'.

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Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre, Marlow Road, Nr. Marlow, SL7 IRR