Standards compliance

Many Internet users with disabilities find websites difficult or even impossible to use simply because of the way they are designed. This website has been designed to be as accessible as possible and to be compatible with the types of adaptive technology used by people with disabilities, including screen readers.

All web pages produced for GBA's website are written to the XHTML 1.0 Strict standard, use Cascading Style Sheets for presentation and aim to meet the double "AA" conformance level of the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) Guidelines.

This means that GBA's website can be viewed in all modern browsers, regardless of platform or device. Some older browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer 5 and Netscape 5) do not comply with these web standards. As a result, a minority of our visitors, who still use these browsers, will not experience the site as we have intended. They will be able to read the pages and navigate the site, but the site will look basic in comparison.

How to change the text size of this website?

If you are using Internet Explorer: to increase or decrease the text size, use the Zoom setting in the menu (at the top right of the screen). The default setting is 100%. In browsers other than Internet Explorer, there will be a similar setting.

How to request for our information in different accessible formats?

If you require any of our documents to be reproduced in an alternative format(below) please make a request directly to our

1. Braille
2. Audio
3. Translated into a different language

As we continue to develop content and other features as part of our global public website, we will work toward continued adherence to accessibility guidelines and leading practices. We welcome feedback from our users; please contact us if you would like to share your comments.

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